Mindful Money And The Road To Profit

Are You Ready To TRULY Understand Your Money?
To Change Your Mindset On Budgeting And Cashflow?
To Have Systems In Place So You Can Visualize What Your Business Is Doing For You?


Most business owners have a to-do list the length of their arm and never enough hours in a day to get them all done (seriously, who hasn’t wished for an extra Monday in their week?). Having worked with hundreds of business owners who wear all the hats, it’s been obvious that finances – and especially budgeting and cashflow – fall to the bottom of that list on a regular basis.

Does This Resonate With You?

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What if I told you there was an easier way?  That if you get the systems set up properly you could spend 5-10 minutes a week and be able to visualize your money, plan exactly where it’s going and feel in control of your money flow?  (oh, and did I mention – pay yourself regularly?!?)

Do You Find Yourself Wondering:


“Despite having a successful business, I have been a bit phobic of bookkeeping and was finding the minutiae of day to day expense and tax management overwhelming. With a few easy to use – and dare I say fun – excel documents, Jayne has helped me grow my awareness. I know exactly where my money is and how much is in any account at any given time. Surprising by-product: my spending has decreased. Thanks so much, Jayne!"

Karen M

“Omg Jayne, thank you SO MUCH! I feel like I unlocked a new level of adulthood today”

Abby Rozen RSW

"Working with Jayne and using the bucket budgeting model for my business has completely shifted my mindset about making money and how to strategically use it to my advantage. Starting your own business can be both costly and intimidating in the beginning, it’s easy to feel defeated when you don’t have a strategy that’s setting you up for success. But this makes everything so much more transparent and easier to understand so that it doesn’t feel like you’re operating in chaos. It simplifies all the complicated nuances, so you can focus on what you want to be focusing on, and also understand what’s actually going on in your business. Knowing that everything is taken care of brings such a sense of relief that is truly invaluable."

Chloe D’Agostini Versalles Creative

Before Jayne’s system of bucket budgeting, I wasn’t consistently saving for certain expenses in my business (including taxes). This meant I was scrounging for cash when expenses came up and I unintentionally racked up a debt of thousands of dollars with the CRA. But after using Jayne’s system, I’ve now paid off our CRA debt (YAY!) and put money away every week for future taxes. I also know how much money I have to allocate to certain areas of my business, which has done wonders for my cash flow. I started out scared of managing the finances of my business, but using this system I actually enjoy it! It has truly helped my business thrive.

Rachel DiMartino Geek Unicorn Inc.
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Take the leap to fearless and join me to set up your own – individualized – bucket budget.

Go from stressed, overwhelmed and confused to empowered, in control and clear on your numbers!

Hi, I’m Jayne Dykstra!  I’ve been working with small and medium sized business in the bookkeeping space for a decade.  You (and I!) work hard to keep our businesses running – the vision, the quality, the advertising, the grind…  and something has to fall to the bottom of that never-ending to-do list!

Finances are so personal and, while every business is just a bit different, I noticed that people face the same problem and that there’s a simple solution.

In the course of setting up and running my own business, I’ve always had my finances in order (yeah, number geek here!) but even I didn’t enjoy the budgeting, forecasting and trying to predict how much money I was going to make in order to afford that next thing my business seemed to be demanding.  It’s been years since I started using a ‘bucket’ system for my money, allocating income for specific things (and I even use this in my personal life!) so that I could visualize what my money was for and when that ‘just out of reach’ expense/subcontractor/piece of equipment would be possible.

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Mindful Money

Mindful Money and the Road to Profit is a 6 week course designed to take you from ‘where’s my money?’ to ‘My business is working for me and I understand exactly what I can afford’.

You might feel annoyed that you’re at this stage, but I’m here to tell you that there is a way out, and with a little guidance and some mindful money-ing (am I allowed to make that a verb?), you can come out feeling in control of what’s going on in your bank account.

And I Know What You’re Thinking:

BUT, I want to help you get to the place where you are mindful about your money – where you can visualize where your business is going, where you can start planning that holiday because you see the money building.

I want YOU to feel in control of those dollars!

This Course Is Perfect For You If:

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Curious about what we’ll be tackling? Here’s a glimpse:

Week 1

Figure out your money style and your goals – what type of spender are you

Week 2
Dig Deep

Analyze your expenses – where is the money going? What are your big spend categories?

Week 3
Strategy for success

Set up your margins/percentages in order to achieve your goals

Week 4
Put it in Action

Start controlling your finances – use your spreadsheet and the bank accounts

Week 5

Anticipate problems and be prepared, how to implement changes to your numbers

Week 6
Increase your Profit

Next steps and how to take this to the next level

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Enroll now – next course starts March 14

Take the leap to fearless and join me to set up your own – individualized – bucket budget.

Need more info?  jayne@mintshapemoney.com